Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

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About Us

Sound 34 Media is a professional Sound, video and photography company founded in 2017 that is based in Nairobi offering start to finish, High Definition video production with quality still images to match. We also offer Music production, Online radio, and TV services.

Sound 34 media is able to combine sound and visuals in a way that is relevant to our clients needs. It therefore means that our clients needs become our needs and that is what drives us.

Sound 34 Media consists of camera crew, presenters,producers and editors who take up tasks in video production, photography and editing in order to come up with the final product.

We do documentaries for corporate and NGOs. However, we also have extensive experience in event Videography & photography including quality sound and lighting for all our productions.

This company therefore offers total media solutions that have tangible results in the lives of others through a collaborative effort with our clients.


Our mission is to create programming that engages the viewer both emotionally and intellectually, through expertly shot and edited productions which help to improve the livelihood of our society.


To be the leader in Humanitarian documentaries in order to impact the lives of the less fortunate in Kenya, Africa and entire World to build a prosperous future.


Soun 34 Media’s main focus is the media production that are geared towards human development. Our Media productions therefore are not just part of our Social/corporate responsibility but form the core of our main business.

At Sound 34 Media we believe that Media production is the cornerstone of information to the society on humanitarian issues that require our attention.

We have done documentaries for companies s and we are looking to explore further in the changing of lives through video and photography.

Sound 34 Media has developed an ingenious model to serve our clients best. This model is a four part documentary series that is undertaken step by step.

Documentary Series


Our first focus in our quest to capture the African story is to create awareness on the issue at hand.  This is done through an intensive coverage.


At Sound 34 Media we place a high value on the results of our coverage. were we able to achieve your organizational goals? This is the question we eventually have to answer. We believe that good video,sound coverage and photography should yield a positive outcome and that the lives of those involved is indeed improved.


People have always gathered to grace occasions be it performing arts, worship, organizational meetings and even parties. However, these past events have not been recorded through video until a century ago. photography in itself has existed since the 18th century. Sound 34 Media appreciates the journey of recording occasions and therefore takes pride in covering events conclusively at a high level of quality. the company covers corporate events including AGM’s for companies such as AFMASS Kenya. We also covered The AFMASS Tanzania.


Sound 34 Media has covered wedding ceremonies right from the brides home, to the church, reception and after party. We are able to capture all the emotions and memories of this special day and accompany it with stunning video &  photography.

Advantages of working with us

It is imperative to choose the best video partners to deliver customized video packages for your audience.

Sound 34 Media allows you the opportunity to work with a vibrant professional highly experienced, team of videographers who will consistently aim to help your organization achieve its vision and dream.

Time  Tested

Project time lines are strictly adhered to at Sound 34 Media. We always strive to produce our materials according to the stipulated deadlines and still ensure that the client’s material is well done and packaged appropriately. In few circumstances where a job may be delayed due to one reason or another communication to our customer about the  situation is done promptly. 

We believe at Sound 34 Media, that the product speaks for itself and it only does so through the word of our customer. We have built quite a name for ourselves during our time in the industry and are confident that positive references and recommendations will continue to market us towards greater success.  

Our production gear

– High definition cameras which give us state of the art cinematography.

– Quality sound equipment. Microphones and recorders that capture crystal clear sounds.

– Lighting gear. Soft white lighting  that creates the best ambience for your video.

– Video editing. Professional video editing software and computers that are used to perfect our final product.